Between licking, mispronouncing and misunderstanding the project deals with the pedagogical importance to think with the tongue and to speak the language of the enemy.

Hide and Seek

Funduk have worked together for some years diluted in different collectives or hidden by different nominations. Two of us, one + one, three minus one and all the alikes.

Non Aligned Co-Operative Hiatus

A linguistic perspective on the unacceptable conceived a polyphonic noise opera.

Heads In The Clouds

What should be an access point to diverging from rationality, became a low-tech cinematic experience made of three elements; a walk route, a series of mirror goggles to look up, and a music composition.

Volumetric Disquisition

The invented practice of roofing offers us today an enriching and complex interaction between ceilings, skylights, spider webs, mini territories, vertically hidden subcultures, non-human communities and semi public spaces.

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