Non Aligned Co-Operative Hiatus: A Linguistic Perspective on the Unacceptable

Hosted and co-produced by the Norrland Opera House, the interactive installation is conceived as a libretto room for a polyphonic noise opera through collective licking.

As a means to overcome the long-term covid socio-cultural effects and re-politicize the tongue, visitors are invited to engage physically in a linguistic relation with their antipathies, their enemies and their nightmares.

Just like an operatic libretto isn’t a document to be studied but a text to be read while singing, the pink room isn’t an exhibition to be seen but a wall to be licked while chanting.

However, participation requires no music literacy and, to the cry of “No Aria, Yes Saliva”, the Non Aligned Co-Operative Hiatus is not a fully scored composition.  

Instead humid tongues can improvise according to desire, collaboration, dedication and the possibility of writing personalized lyrics.

The composition is divided into 4 movements. The librettist asks the participants to self organize and take full responsability for the mise en scene.

+ Non Aligned Co-Operative Hiatus, Norrlandsoperan Umea, SE

The project is intended as a transnational solidarity vocal performance on co-creation inspired by the legendary Non-Aligned Movement(NAM).
From micro to macro scale, we conceive this project as a transnational pacifist campaign expressing itself into a meta-Opera composed of diphthongs, hiatuses, grammar interstitium and peculiar vocal expressions.

More on the inspiration

Formally established in Belgrade in 1961, NAM was a social movement of international diplomacy conceived, ideally and initially, as a means to go beyond binary oppositions, aiming to change the existing global structures to create a more just, equal and peaceful world. Besides NAM’s practical diplomatic failure, this project researches its artistic and vocal potential legacy towards non linear and non binary ontologies.

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